Ballers Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Set

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Ballers Seasons 1-5 DVD Special Features
Actors: Dwayne Johnson,Rob Corddry
Language: English
Boxed Set: Yes
Number of discs: 15
Condition: New
Region: Region Free
Weight: 1.5 kg
Format: Support both NTSC & PAL
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
DVD Release Date: 2018
Ballers Seasons 1-5 DVD Photos

Ballers Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Set

Ballers Seasons 1-5 DVD Overview

Joe gets a phone call from an angry Dallas Cowboys owner, and he learns Vernon and Reggie are involved with a weed company. Meanwhile,Ballers Seasons 1-5 DVD Charles gets tips from Julie about his press conference blunders. Ricky and Spencer arrive in Vegas. Spencer plays golf with the mayor of Las Vegas, and reveals hes fond of the city because its where he spent his offseasons working out and conditioning as a player. Spencer dines with a Councilman,Ballers Seasons 1-5 who dismisses Spencer by calling him a tourist. Jason tries to meet Kisan in a bad neighborhood and gets robbed. Spencer takes the Councilman to the Motorcross event, where hes put on the Jumbotron.

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